Libros Técnicos
The guide looks at trends in the consumption and production of, and markets for, these goods. 

Among the commodities it covers in detail are:

  • Aluminium, lead, nickel, tin, zinc, steel, iron ore, gold, silver and platinum;
  • Oil, gas and coal;
  • Wheat, maize (corn), sugar, soybeans, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tea, rice, wool and rubber.

It looks at how prices have changed over the years and how they are likely to change in future. It analyses where the power lies in terms of producers (resource rich countries and mining firms) and market players (commodity exchanges and trading firms like Glencore). It highlights the vulnerabilities of different societies and industries to the vagaries of commodity markets.

Editorial:  The Economist
Autor:  Caroline Bain
Idioma:  Inglés
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